MEDIUM - Credits:

Written and Directed by Tes Hash

Director of Photography / Camera Operator: Daniel Davison

Edited by Daniel Davison and Tes Hash

Art Direction by Tes Hash

Dance choreography by Lori Ott and Tes Hash

Wardrobe for Lady Jesus designed and made by Rose-Hannah Witkowski

Lady Jesus: Rose-Hannah Witkowski

Dancing Wisdom: Lori Ott

Dancing Philosopher: Tes Hash

Truth Stood on Her Head: Tes Hash


All music by A Perfect Circle from the record Eat the Elephant  ©2018

Song 1: Eat the Elephant

Song 2: TalkTalk

Song 3: Contrarian

Song 4: The Doomed

Song 5: Get the Lead Out

A very special thanks to Martha Nussbaum, Brian Leiter, Bonnie Lambert, Marshall Mayer, Lori Ott, Dan Ott, Steve Hash, Rose-Hannah Witkowski, Corey Shulz, Rocky Hash, Jenna Hart, Maynard James Keenan, Lynette Hish, Bruce Baughman, Lamb Hash Davison, Cascabel and the Casita. — A person with many ideas needs a great amount of collaboration and support from many others. 

A very, very special thanks to my partner Daniel Davison for jumping into the sea of my wild ideas, for collaborating with me, and for helping me see this thing through —: we have only just hit our stride. 

Produced by Yeah Friction